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Real Estate and Property Management Services go hand in hand, but most licensed real estate agents choose to specialize in one discipline or the other. We are no different. While we do broker sales, we specialize in investment properties and are looking for partners who specialize in traditional single-family to medium multi-family sales.

Our goal is to develop a mutually beneficial alliance where good information, excellent customer service, and leads can be exchanged between sales agents and property managers. Simply put, we believe that better results can be achieved if we work together.


Property management services from Wolfnest can help you with three specific types of problem seller:

  1. Sellers who lack sufficient equity to facilitate a sale
  2. Sellers with problem properties
  3. Sellers with unique circumstances

Ask yourself, how many problem sellers like these did you encounter in the last year? Were you able to help them all or did any take their business elsewhere?

Partnering with a property management company allows you to offer an alternative to sellers like these, earn income on deals that are otherwise dead, and offer value added services to your customers. Refer a client now by completing the form .

Refer a Client


We offer our partners more than just the occasional referral bonus; we aim to become a strategic partner invested in your success.

Trackable referrals

Our software allows us to track each client referred from agents. If they indicate any interest to sell their investment property we will point your clients back to you!

We will pay you 10% of the property management fee income generated by the properties referred by you for as long as we manage the property.

Local Market Updates

As members of the Utah Apartment Association and the National Association of Residential Property Managers, we stay on top of what’s new in our industry. We can provide you with local market updates to pass along to your investor clients. Access to original content – Do you operate a website or blog? If you are like most agents, you realize that in order to keep visitors coming back, you must regularly post fresh content. We have composed a library of original content on a variety of real estate topics you are welcome to use.

Rental Analysis for any property

The first question usually asked by anyone considering renting is “how much will my home rent for?”. We will answer this question with a comprehensive rental analysis any time you need one.

Financial Analysis for income properties

CMA’s for investment properties can be tricky, but we are happy to help. We understand investment properties and will happily provide an investment property analysis for any of your clients.
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