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The Wolfnest Guarantees

$2,000 Pet Guarantee

With nearly 70% of all renters owning a pet, it has forced many landlords to be more flexible with their pet preferences in order to find a quality tenant. At the same time, by allowing animals in the home, landlords increase their risk of property damage. With that said, who wouldn’t want to expand their rental pool to pet owners without the risk of their investment being damaged?

For no extra charge to our owners, Wolfnest guarantees up to $2,000 in pet damage caused by an approved animal that has gone through our rigorous screening process. We realize that our clients have put the trust of their property in us and we want to provide the assurance that allowing pets won’t break the bank.

*does not apply to Emotional Support Animals per Fair Housing rules. Contact us today for full policy for details andrestrictions!
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28 Day Leasing Guarantee

The greatest fear many landlords have is months of vacancy while mortgage payments eat away at profit margins. Prolonged vacancy can cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue, as well as the stress of covering expenses until a resident is secured.

As a way to relieve this concern, Wolfnest guarantees that we will lease your property to a qualified tenant in 28 days or the first two months of management fees are FREE!

*In order to qualify, you must opt-in during the onboarding process. In addition, properties must allow pets without restriction and grant Wolfnest full authority to make pricing adjustments, offer move-in specials, or adjust leasing terms as needed to secure a qualified tenant. The 28 day period begins when: 1) the unit is vacant 2) the unit is in rent ready condition with all repairs completed and the property/carpets professionally cleaned 3) showings are activated. The 28 day period ends when Wolfnest secures an approved tenant, meaning all occupants have submitted a completed application, provided all necessary documentation, and are approved based on their income, credit, and criminal background reports.
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There is nothing worse than experiencing substandard service while being stuck in a long-term contract. The relationship between a property owner and management company should be mutually beneficial with the ability to cancel the agreement at any point.

If our clients are unsatisfied with our performance at anytime, Wolfnest guarantees them the the right to terminate our management agreement with 30 days notice.

$1,000 Eviction Protect Guarantee

Even the best screening tools can’t predict a tenant’s job loss, divorce, or major medical problem. As such, an eviction will always be a possibility if you are a landlord.

At Wolfnest, we want to eliminate this risk and by guaranteeing to cover up to $1,000 in eviction fees if this action becomes necessary for a resident we placed in your property.

Note: the property owner must participate in our Eviction Protection Program. If the owner opts out of the Eviction Protection Program, the above Guarantee is void, and the owner will be required to pay $750 eviction fee + court costs.
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No Rent, No Fee Guarantee

There is no reason an owner should pay a management fee if the property is not producing rental income. If the owner isn’t making any money, the property management company shouldn’t be either.

Wolfnest guarantees that a management fee will only be charged when rent is collected. This gives our clients the peace of mind knowing that we will always be looking out for their best interests and working hard to fill a vacancy!

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