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The following is our standard rental application process, by which we will judge your application for tenancy. You must meet the following standards to qualify for a rental in any single-family home or apartment managed by Wolfnest property management. Applicants are judged by the same standards, one person or family at a time, on a first-come-first-served basis. If a renter meets all of the listed application criteria, they will then be provided with a lease agreement.


Every occupant over the age of 18 must fill out an application. Each applicant/co-signer/tenant is required to pay an application fee, which will be non-refundable. Cosigners for applicants are subject to the same criteria as the renter.


All applicants must provide current and valid photo identification at the time of application.


Employment will be verified. At a minimum, employment history should reflect six months with the current employer and/or six months with previous employer. Recent graduates must provide proof of enrollment or graduation. Self-employed applicants must provide a current cpa-prepared financial statement, personal bank statements and most recent years tax return.


A verifiable source of income (employment/retirement/social security/disability/etc.) Is required. The combined gross income of all persons living in the rental must be three times the monthly rental rate. Applicants that do not meet the above employment or income requirements must provide a cosigner and/or savings account statements showing a minimum balance equal to 36 months rental payments.


Applicants must provide name, address, and dates of tenancy for previous landlords for two years for verification of rental history. An application will not be approved if there are any previous evictions, defaults in lease agreements, untimely rental payments, or outstanding balances owed to another landlord.


We will request a comprehensive credit report from a credit reporting agency. Credit reports must reflect that all accounts are current. Application for tenancy will be denied if you have filed bankruptcy within the past 18 months. Any bankruptcy must have been discharged at least one year from the date of application. All collection and past due accounts will be taken into consideration. Based on your credit history, you may be asked to pay a credit contingency fee, have a well-qualified consigner, pay an additional deposit or some combination of these in order to qualify.


Applicants will be asked to disclose any prior arrests, convictions or pending criminal actions. A criminal background check will be conducted. Failure to disclose is grounds for denial. Arrests and pending criminal actions will not, in themselves, be grounds for denial but may be factors used along with other criteria. An application could be rejected if any applicants have been convicted of a type of crime that would be considered a serious threat to the rental property, other residents or neighbors. Management will consider the nature of the crime and the severity of the crime, along with how much time has passed since the criminal activity and the release from any imprisonment, parole, or probation. Persons who are listed on any sex offender list will not be considered.


2 persons/1 bedroom (+ 1 when an occupant is under 18). Please be aware that we abide by all county and city occupancy standards so please check with your local municipality before applying.


An application takes approximately 2-3 days to process. Move-in dates must be within 14 days of availability or within 14 days of the day applicant is notified of approval. Holding a property longer than 10 days will require owner approval. A lease must be signed within 3 days of approval and your lease must be signed at least 48 hours prior to actually moving in. If you or any co-applicant fails to sign as required, we may keep the application deposit as liquidated damages, and terminate all further obligations. Rent will be prorated according to the day you move in.

Wolfnest property management is committed to equal housing opportunity. We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, family status, national origin, source of income, sexual orientation or gender identity. See our available rentals below.