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How to Qualify for a Section 8 Voucher in Utah


Salt Lake residents are amid unprecedented and surging inflation. But unfortunately, they are also contending with a rent and mortgage crisis. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,157 in Salt Lake City.

If you can no longer afford the rent or your mortgage, you just might qualify for Section 8.

We understand the pride of renting and owning your place without housing assistance. You may not like the prospect of moving in with friends or relatives. But the prospect of homelessness doesn't have to become your reality. 

We encourage those in the Salt Lake Area to read about if they qualify for Section 8. Turn your housing fears into tenant cheers. You can depend on us to help get the housing assistance your family deserves.   

How to Qualify for Section 8 

Low and high-income Utah residents spend roughly 50% of their income on housing. This burden takes away from other essentials like groceries and utilities. Unfortunately, too many low-income earners meet this statistic. 

These are the reasons why 2.1 million are living in Section 8 housing. In order to qualify for Section 8, the HUD federal program considers these essential thresholds. 

  • Income limits
  • Family size
  • Citizenship status

If you qualify for Section 8, applying with a sense of urgency is wise. When you successfully apply, prospective tenants are put on a waiting list.

It can take three months to an entire year to acquire your Section 8 voucher. Consequently, the tenant must check their status and reply to any requests. Failure to do so can have your application removed from this contentious list.  

Proof of Citizenship 

All members that are to live in a Section 8 rental must be legal American citizens. Birth certificates are the most common way to prove citizenship. 

However, valid passports and military documents can also serve as proof. 

Income Limits

Only low-income earners qualify for Section 8. For example, a single person applying for house assistance in the Salt Lake region can't exceed $40,150 in annual income. However, a family of five can't exceed the $61,950 annual income threshold. 

How Not to Qualify for Section 8 

The HUD federal program revokes tenants' housing assistance for the following criteria.

  • Drug offenses
  • Surpassing the income limits
  • Not paying your rent portion

The HUD federal program pays up to two-thirds of a tenant's rent. Therefore, those on Section 8 must consistently pay their rent portion. 

Anyone authorized to live in a Section 8 arrangement must not exceed the income limits. All the household's income counts towards the income threshold. 

Alcohol, drug, and other criminal activity warrant the termination of your housing assistance. And as part of your Section 8 application, you must consent through a drug and background test. 

Only authorized persons under your Section 8 voucher can stay on the premises. Non-authorized individuals can't live in a Section 8 rental for more than 14 consecutive days. The HUD federal program reserves the right to terminate your status.  

Landlords must also qualify for Section 8

Landlords must maintain HUD's rules to qualify for a Section 8 rental. Consequently, a landlord's rental property must be up to code. It is also subject to rental property inspections pursuant to the federal program's rules. 

Failure of your property to comply with house laws results in your Section 8 status termination. You can visit our landlords resource page for more about our property management services.

More About If You Qualify for Section 8 

Salt Lake Residents are battling an intense housing and renting shortage. Therefore, more than ever, it is imperative to know if you qualify for Section 8. We're a phone call and email away if you still have questions about housing assistance.  

Since 2012, we have continued providing exemplary and professional property management services for property owners in the Salt Lake area. Our expertise extends to those looking to purchase a home around Salt. We can also assist you in agent referrals for property acquisition. 

Our property management expertise extends to tenants looking to rent without housing assistance. You can visit our rental assistance pages for active vacancies and more. 

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