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Maintenance Troubleshooting

At Wolfnest, we understand that timely maintenance is crucial to ensuring the comfort and functionality of your property. Designed to assist our valued residents in Salt Lake City, Utah, these resources offer step-by-step guides and helpful tips to resolve common maintenance issues efficiently and effectively. From minor repairs to troubleshooting HVAC systems, plumbing issues, electrical problems, and more, our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to handle these situations with confidence. Explore our troubleshooting resources and discover how our commitment to exceptional property management extends to assisting you in maintaining hassle-free living.

Garage Door (Door Only Closes when Button is Held)

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Heater (No heat)

Heater not working

Outlets (Lost Power)

Electrical outlet troubleshooting.

Tripped Breakers (Lost Power)

Checking breakers

Automatic Sprinklers (Not Coming On or Changing Timer Settings)

Set up sprinkler timer

Water Heater (Leak)

Turning off water supply to a water heater

Water Heater (losing hot water too fast or not enough hot water)

Setting water heater temp

Water Heater (No hot water)

Water heater troubleshooting video

Smoke Detector (Changing Batteries)

How to change a smoke detector battery