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4 Benefits of Creating a Tenant Portal in Salt Lake City, UT

4 Benefits of Creating a Tenant Portal in Salt Lake City, UT

Owning a rental property should be an investment, but it shouldn't take over your life. Fielding endless texts and phone calls can quickly become overwhelming. Constant searching for lost emails becomes frustrating.

You need a tenant portal for your Salt Lake City real estate investment. A singular place where you can manage your portal streamlines your landlord duties. This is just one of many benefits a tenant portal can bring you.

1. Improved Tenant Communication

A tenant portal gives you a singular place to communicate with your tenants. Having one place for communication reduces the risk of missing your tenant's messages. It also keeps all communication in one place, making it easier to manage multiple conversations.

When you have open and responsive communication with your tenants, you improve their satisfaction. This makes them more likely to renew their lease.

2. Property Management From Anywhere

Managing a rental property can be difficult when you do not live near it. Using an online tenant portal can make being a long-distance landlord easier. You can work with a local Salt Lake City property manager to help you manage your property.

The property manager will be your eyes and ears on the ground. You and the tenant can use your online portals. This keeps everyone connected despite being miles apart.

3. Better Property Maintenance

Landlords have a duty to maintain their rental properties. Utah landlord/tenant law requires landlords to keep their properties habitable for their tenants.

A liability law also makes a landlord liable for injuries that occur due to unsafe property conditions. Because of these two statutes, landlords need to have a system in place for property maintenance.

A property management company can assist with this, but only so much. Even a property manager can only arrange repairs and maintenance when they know about them. You depend on tenants to notify you of maintenance needs.

An online tenant portal makes it simple and easy for tenants to submit maintenance requests. The easier you make it, the more likely they will submit one.

In addition, having an online portal makes it easier for you to manage submitted requests. You can update the portal as the request status changes. This keeps you on track and the tenant informed.

4. On-Time Rental Payments

As a landlord, you perform thorough tenant screening to approve a high-quality tenant. Through this process, you hope your chosen tenant will pay their rent on time.

Having your tenants pay through an online portal can make it easier for them. With added convenience, tenants are more likely to pay on time consistently. There is also the possibility of them improving their credit score.

Credit reporting bureaus now offer self-reporting services. Every on-time payment they make can count towards their credit history, helping to improve their credit scores.

Implement a Tenant Portal

As you can see, tenant portals benefit you and your tenants. Implementing one can help you set yourself up for success as a rental property investor.

Working with a property manager like Wolfnest can make setting up a tenant portal easier. Our experience and established tools are ready for you to implement.

Improve your tenant satisfaction and have better property maintenance procedures when you work with Wolfnest.

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