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6 Ways Utah Landlords Can Optimize Outdoor Space to Improve Property Value and Attract More Tenants

It doesn't matter if you've recently moved into your apartment or want to improve your outdoor area's aesthetics; now is the time to put your patio or balcony in good condition.

Home improvement is one effective strategy for property managers or Salt Lake City landlords to maximize property resales and rental value.

It has been repeatedly proven that people place a great value on outdoor living, particularly after they have spent weeks or months at home during the lockdown and in self-isolation. This is something that any smart real estate investor would take advantage of.

Fortunately, there are a number of DIY outdoor living space ideas you can implement, whether you own a home or rent one. The following are five outdoor improvement ideas you can undertake to enhance the value of your property for resale and rental purposes. These property management tips will help you in fusing practicality and creativity to create a flourishing outdoor environment.

  1. Put Vertical Gardens In Place

    Gardens with lovely plants and flowers are the best thing that can bring an outdoor oasis together. Vertical gardens are really popular right now. A vertical garden can work wonders for your Utah investment property, whether you want a wall of fresh herbs outside your kitchen or a privacy plant wall.

    Moreover, if your rental home's backyard is too small for a full garden, you can set up a herb garden next to a gate or back wall. After all, your outdoor living area doesn't need to be particularly large to attract the eye.

    Green walls show potential real estate investors and residents that you are serious about your environmental initiatives. This sustainable and environmentally friendly appearance, combined with the reduced cost of energy usage, can help attract tenants and increase the value of your property. 

  2. Play with pots, patterns, and mirrors

    There is a good probability that you already have many pots if you go green with a vertical garden. If your green thumb has started to wilt and you have to say goodbye to one or two plants, paint the pot and use it for anything else to make it a decorative item. You can paint it, turn it over, add a cushion, and use it as a seated stool if it's big enough.

    Adding patterns and mirrors is another method to make your patio appear bigger. Mirrors have a long history of making any area appear bigger. For your patio, the same holds true. Your space will appear bigger without feeling congested if you simply combine it with floral, chevron, or another creative design of your choice.

  3. Build or update your deck

    Adding a deck to a home has been discovered to ensure a 90 percent return on remodeling costs. Additionally, adding a deck to the home's upper floors will provide a stunning view of the neighborhood, boosting the property's resale value. This is enough for you to consider adding a deck to your Salt Lake City investment property. Besides extending the living space, the house residents can enjoy the great outdoors.

    Furthermore, if you currently have a small patio or deck, think about expanding it to provide space for guest entertainment. If it is close to the kitchen or living room, coordinate the outdoor design with materials that go well with the interior wall colors and flooring.

    Alternatively, you can use glass double sliding doors to blend the indoor and outdoor areas, creating an airier and more extensive space.

  4. Make use of the right furniture

    Your outdoor oasis's effectiveness depends on the type of furniture you choose. To begin with, you need adequate comfortable seating to fit your guest and family members. Afterward, you want to consider outdoor side tables, dining tables, or ottomans.  It's also possible to put up a swing or hammock in a nice, cozy outdoor space.

    Outdoor furniture is readily available online and at numerous hardware and department stores. In addition, you can easily find top-notch outdoor furniture at secondhand stores as well as on websites run by private sellers.

  5. Add the Best Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lighting contributes greatly to making a comfortable and cozy seating space for family and guests. Without a doubt, creative lighting is always beneficial for a balcony or patio. 

    With string lights, lamps, and other outdoor lighting options, you can cozily decorate your space while making it appear bigger and brighter. For example, suppose your apartment complex permits them. In that case, you could hang them from the balcony railings, the perimeter of your patio, around the window, across the ceiling, or anyplace else you like. Then, when you're done using them, you may take them down or move them easily.

    In either case, lighting can transform your boring patio into a stylish and glittering outdoor oasis.

  6. Hire a landscaper to landscape the yard professionally

    Both property marketing and promotion of rentals depend heavily on curb appeal. The exterior is what initially attracts interest, even though the interior undoubtedly has a big impact on this. And since the deal's outcome is greatly influenced by the first impression you give a potential tenant or house buyer, it is important to make a good one.

    Think about upgrading your landscape to create a great curb appeal for your investment property. And if your yard is just a lawn, consider adding some shrubs and trees to give it some visual interest. Additionally, paved stone walkways and other hardscapes that enhance the landscape can help increase the marketability and value of a home.

Renters or homebuyers are more likely to finalize the transaction sooner if they can picture themselves hosting guests in the property's elegant outdoor space. Furthermore, Utah property managers or landlords can easily raise the rental rate when the outdoor space is professionally and beautifully landscaped.  

Can Property Owners Add Anything to a Rental Property?

It's not always possible to do as you like if you're a tenant in a rented property. It is best to get in touch with your landlord or Utah property management company before making any significant changes or modifications to the property.

Suppose you first contact your landlord or Salt Lake City property management company and request their permission to make any outdoor addition. In that case, you will have a better chance of getting approval for the idea. On the other hand, if you decide to add whatever you want on your own, you can run into some problems with your landlord.

Therefore, before making any improvements—small or large—always consult your landlord first. In either case, keeping the lines of communication open is ideal, particularly when the home you are living in is a rented one.

Manage and Maintain Your Properties Without Lifting A Finger

It takes time, patience, dedication, and skill to own and manage a Salt Lake City rental property. And it can quickly become incredibly overwhelming if you own multiple rental properties. As such, the majority of Utah landlords always outsource property management to help them maximize their business goals. 

Wolfnest Property Management offers full rental services, so you don't have to worry about the stressful day-to-day tasks of owning a property.

If you're looking for management services in Salt Lake City, Utah, contact us right away.

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