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Is Your Property Management Company Doing Their Job?

If you have hired a property management company to handle all issues relating to your investment property, you always hope that you have employed the best company for the job. This company should handle the leasing, maintenance, and tenant issues relating to your property and always ensure that your best interests are included in every decision made.

Unfortunately, not all property management companies are created equal. Often times a property management company will promise an owner the world to lock them into a long term agreement and then proceed to neglect his/her needs.

So how can you tell if your Utah property management company is doing their job? One of the primary indicators is your tenants. If they are constantly contacting you instead of the management company with regards to paying rent or having maintenance issues resolved, your property management may not be managing your investment to the best of their ability.

You will want to have a conversation with the tenant to determine if they are contacting the management company first with these issues. If they are not, you will need to explain the process to them. If they are contacting the management company and are not receiving a response, you may want to re-evaluate the manager you are employing.

The second indicator if a property management company is doing their job is your neighbors. If they are contacting you about the lawn not being maintained or the weeds being overgrown, you may want to reach out to your manager. These are issues that would be easily discovered if the management company was performing routine inspections.

I always try to give the property management company the benefit of the doubt until they give me a reason to do otherwise. It is very prudent to communicate your issues to your property manager and always try to get his/her side of the story before jumping to conclusions. If the issues persist, never be afraid to look for another company. You pay a lot of money to have someone manage your investment and deserve to be completely satisfied.


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