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Screening Tenants: How to Design Your Tenant Application Process

Nobody wants troublesome tenants on their property, and the key to preventing this from happening to you is understanding how to screen tenants. The tenant application process becomes an important funnel that you can create to select the best candidates for your property investment.

The question is, how do you design a successful tenant screening process? Keep reading and you'll find out!

What Is Tenant Screening?

Tenant screening involves the process of verifying information from potential tenants and finding out whether they are trustworthy. This can involve going through credit checks to see their credit report and financial history. 

This will help you understand more about the character of your future tenant and can reduce the possibility of conflict between the two of you. 

What To Examine During The Tenant Application Process

The more information you have about a potential tenant in Salt Lake City Utah, the better. These are some of the things you can look into during the tenant application process

Credit Checks

One of the most important factors to a great tenant is their ability to pay rent. Not only that, but you would want to have tenants who can process their payments on time.

This is something you can find out by looking at their credit score and credit report. These will show you the applicant's financial history - how often they have borrowed money in the past, and how consistent they are with payments. 

Background Checks

Another thing you can consider is to do background checks on your applicants. This can help you understand how your potential tenant will conduct themselves on your property. You wouldn't want to have a tenant who ends up committing crimes or destroying your property!

Past Evictions

When you settle on a contract with a tenant, you want to make sure that everything runs smoothly throughout the lease. If a potential tenant has had past evictions, you can ask them about the situation. This will give them a chance to explain what happened.

Their References

You can design your application requirements to include some references. These references can be their previous landlord(s) as well as professional or personal connections.

You can talk to their previous landlord to discover if they had any problems with the potential tenant. Other types of references may be useful to gauge the applicant's character and their ability to pay rent. 

Designing A Tenant Application Process

The key to having great tenants in Salt Lake City Utah is knowing how to screen them properly during the tenant application process! You can do this by making sure you request the right documents.

You can go through their credit report, criminal history, past evictions, and references. All of these will help you understand more about your potential tenant's character, and whether they will be able to hold up their end of the lease agreement. 

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