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The Benefits of Using Tenant Placement Services

There's no question about it—finding tenants is one of the hardest things a landlord has to do.

It's up there with finding and preparing the unit, doing routine maintenance, and other miscellaneous hassles. Of course, the benefits far outweigh the risks, which is why we continue to invest, but still—there's no denying that finding good tenants can be a struggle. Finding bad tenants is exponentially easier (and much less forgiving).

How can you streamline this process and make finding eligible tenants a breeze? By utilizing tenant placement services, which all but guarantee your property will get filled—quickly and efficiently—but someone other than yourself, allowing you the time to focus on other aspects of managing your property.

The compelling benefits are below.

More Minutes in the Day for Other Landlord Obligations

The average duties of a landlord might surprise you if this is your first time investing in a property. Experienced landlords have likely learned this lesson the hard way!

Your most basic obligations include:

  • Maintenance of all kinds, such as fixing anything broken (pipes, drains, garage doors, etc.), addressing the HVAC system, keeping a pest-free space, and more
  • Ensuring the property stays safe and habitable under Utah's laws
  • Advertising your open units
  • Assorted duties such as lawn care, pool care, etc.

These duties are only the tip of the iceberg, and increase exponentially if you're also having to find, vet, and place tenants, too! By outsourcing this process, you've got more time to focus on other tasks.

Property Management Services Are Experienced at Vetting Potential Tenants

Perhaps you're an expert in investing, but not so much in tenant-finding. That's understandable!

You might try to save a buck by vetting potential residents yourself. However, this might not work in your favor, especially when you understand the depth that vetting a potential candidate involves.

At the very least, you've got to screen your tenant for the following:

  • Rental history
  • Eviction history, if applicable 
  • Employment verification
  • Criminal history, if applicable 
  • Credit

You can choose to check for some of these things and not others, depending on your style as a landlord. Regardless, a handful of these queries sets you back on both time and money. 

Why not let someone who knows what they're doing take over?

Placement Services Can Include Other Tasks

Tenant placement involves more than what the name suggests.

In addition to finding you worthwhile candidates, hiring a property manager for this job means outsourcing other tasks, too, such as:

  • Assessing rent-ready needs
  • Negotiating leases and security deposits on your behalf
  • Coordinating maintenance
  • Pet screening
  • Rent collection

Again, this list is not exhaustive! Come for the tenant placement, stay for all the helpful extras.

Tenant Placement Services Are a No-Brainer for Landlords

If you're struggling to find good tenants, you're not alone.

The evidence suggests that many a landlord experiences a headache during this process. Marketing a property, showing the unit, doing background, rental, and employment checks, and finally, collecting rent, are all part of the overwhelming task of finding occupants. Why DIY when you can outsource the work to an experienced property management service?

At Wolfnest, tenant placement services are one of our many specialties.

Click here to get in touch with us today, or call us at 801-523-4230. Don't wait another minute—your perfect tenant might get away!


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