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Tenant Damage vs Wear & Tear in Utah

"Wear and tear" is one of those landlord law phrases that is sometimes difficult to define. It is one of the leading causes of security deposit disputes in Utah simply because it is so vague.A majority of states includin... read more +

Choosing the Best Method For Rent Collection

Does collecting rent every month feel like a burden? As a property owner, your income relies on collecting rent every month. Thankfully, there are several rent collection options available today that save you time and don't re... read more +

Best Way to Oversee an Eviction

If you've got a problem tenant, the best course of action is to go through with an eviction.There are many perks to owning a rental property, but having to evict a tenant isn't one of them. Not only can it be awkward but c... read more +

Becoming a DIY Utah Landlord

For new Utah DIY landlords, how complicated is the process surrounding permits or licenses?One upside to being a Utah DIY landlord is that there are far less barriers to entry than other fields. For instance, if you own the proper... read more +

Utah Landlord Laws & Rights

What Exactly Are Utah Landlord Laws?Utah landlord laws are a set of legal clauses that state your rights and duties as a landlord. Usually, these rules may be changed to line up with the landlord's needs, but it is important t... read more +

5 Helpful Tips For New Property Managers

Last year, the median sales price for rental properties in Salt Lake County was around $475,000. Whether you partner with someone or do it alone, real estate investing has significant rewards. Yet, successful property management r... read more +

Should You Become a Section 8 Landlord?

Landlords who provide section 8 housing in Salt Lake City can earn good money. Tenants who rely on the government program are generally easy to find, and the backing of the federal government can make section 8 housing a reliable ... read more +

How to Choose the Best Tenants For Your Rentals

Many of the most common issues that landlords face are down to choosing the wrong tenants. Problems such as damage to your property, missed payments, and neighbor complaints could all be avoided by finding the right tenants f... read more +
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